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West Palm Beach Largo Love Affairs WHY WE LIKE IT

You know that relaxed, centered feeling you get when you spend the day at a top-rated spa? That is how you’ll feel when you visit Largo Resort. Every nuance, every vibrant leaf and petal works in harmony to create this level of tranquility. You will feel it as soon as you arrive. Sure, you can rent the entire compound and turn it into a mini party palace of sorts. There is even power and audio at the private dock to help you achieve such goals. But when the fun dies down, you’ll still wake up in a peaceful, private, recharge-your-batteries kind of paradise. Hop in a kayak, explore the bay, refresh with a dip in the pool, and get ready for one gorgeous sunset. You’ll not only have a front row seat, it will feel like it’s setting just for you–and it is.
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Edward Shore: ‘Mother Earth’ Caretaker, Adventurer and Hotelier

Edward Shore, owner of the 3-acre, 15-bedroom “Largo, A Private Sanctuary” for small groups in Key Largo, discovered the Florida Keys about 30 years ago on a trip to dive reefs and wrecks.Read More

PREVUE MAGAZINE/Spring 2016/ Florida Luxury for Groups

Customization and exceptional service are key themes among Florida’s luxury resorts. Quality is to be expected,but going the extra mile and curating unique offerings for groups is where they really stand out. Whether this means a 25-room boutique sanctuary with a team of 19 staff attending to your group’s every need, or a retro-futurist property in the heart of Miami Beach featuring a luxury spa and state-of-the-art health assessments—Florida has it covered. Read More

Keys Traveler/Fall, 2016/New Florida Keys Opening