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Largo is one of the most unique and truly private Destination Retreat. The compound is located just one hour south of Miami on the Gulf of Mexico side of Key Largo Island. The walled and gated estate ensures complete privacy and boasts a Sunset Pier, one of the only private piers in the Florida Keys. Apart from a wild flock of ibis or a passing dolphin, you and your guests can be the sole occupants of the entire Largo sanctuary. It is life completely on your own terms with only the sun and the moon to advise you. Largo is an eco-friendly retreat, fully dedicated to sustainability and protecting the environment. The mission of the Shore Family is to act as a guardian to this natural paradise, so that it will last for generations to come, and create a legacy to be enjoyed by their discerning guests.

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You know that relaxed, centered feeling you get when you spend the day at a top-rated spa? That is how you’ll feel when you visit Largo Resort. Every nuance, every vibrant leaf and petal works in harmony to create this level of tranquility. You will feel it as soon as you arrive. Sure, you can rent the entire compound and turn it into a mini party palace of sorts. There is even power and audio at the private dock to help you achieve such goals. But when the fun dies down, you’ll still wake up in a peaceful, private, recharge-your-batteries kind of paradise. Hop in a kayak, explore the bay, refresh with a dip in the pool, and get ready for one gorgeous sunset. You’ll not only have a front row seat, it will feel like it’s setting just for you–and it is.

Even locals don’t realize this place exists. All anyone can see is an entry way with Balinese statues and a 10’ tall, solid dark wood gate (think Jurassic Park on a smaller scale). Once the gates open, a tropical pathway to great potential is revealed. From here, it’s what you make it.

Jill Martin, www.fodors.com

What is the best review anyone can forward???? “Can’t wait to go back again!!!”
It was the best weekend ever with family and friends celebrating the Wedding of V & T……
Upon entering the impressive raised wood doors, thru the tree lined path to the Pool, the Bay, the tiny bell hanging from a low branch, the aesthetic elegant rustic interior, the staff is friendly and attentive.

We had the best weekend ever…….and did I mention the showers……See to believe!!!
It was a Magical experience.

Todd Steinberg

Beautiful!!! Best family vacation. Incredible week with everything that we needed. And the beds were amazing – an added bonus. Our family rented the main house and then 4/6 of the bungalows. We had 22 total people including 11 kids ages 2yo – 18yo. Perfect location, amenities & private. Kids could run around safely. It was like our own private compound and it’s perfect for events such as weddings and big parties. We can’t wait to go back.

Kindra N. Bethesda, MD

The review title is fitting in that I literally referenced this exact quote as part of my wedding vows on the pier of this venue. This sprawling property whisks you away to what felt like a beach on the Havana Shore meeting Frank Sinatra’s vacation home in Acapulco. The combination of lush landscaping, modern architectural luxury, exquisite taste in style, the most comfortable beds, and perfect views of the sun setting made this a dream venue for my family to enjoy what felt like a fairy-tale.

However, that description doesn’t do justice to ‘feeling’ you get when you’re there. The stillness of this place grabs you and keeps you dialed into every unique moment. That’s part of the magic we experienced that might sound cliche but I guess it’s one of those “you just have to be there to get it” moments. Everywhere you turn there’s harmony of nature and design; the cute tree swing, brilliant orchids, rustic furniture, trees that breached the ceiling, and that iconic sunset. We even bounced on their trampoline right after we got married!

Right down to the soap, yes soap, they nailed it. When I say they; I’m referencing Kathryn who worked with us for months leading up to the weekend. She was the definition of detailed oriented and catered to whatever need we could think of. Our guests were pampered and happy. In addition to making sure our stay was top notch, she supplied the best referrals to restaurants, bars, boats, beaches, and many other unique insights. Kathryn is the genuine article and felt like an old friend I’d known for years.

Whether you’re having a wedding, reunion, party, or just wanting to escape the concrete jungle…I recommend this venue with gusto. The owner is also a class act which is reflected in the spirit of this gem. We hope to be back soon to get another taste of heaven…

Annette S.