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Sunset Pier

Our pier is the only 100ft coral peninsular pier designed to see sunsets 365 days of the year. Our coconut trees like the concrete walkway up to a custom-built 7 foot driftwood arbor. It is our main location for wedding vows where the betrothed will be overlooking the rippling water. The pier is also a favorite location to dine, dance, or just relax with family and friends.

Private Dock

Our private dock is connected to the pier on Tarpon Basin where the intercostal channel heads 101 miles south to Key West. The docks can accommodate boats that draw up to three feet with anchorage off the sunset pier up to five feet. This is also where we launch our boat rides, paddle boards, and kayaks.


Our raised shoreline is lined with 200 feet of smooth white sand and overlooks the water, pier and dock. Coconut palms and buttonwood trees provide ample shade for relaxing, but it is also a wonderful spot for sunbathing. The lagoon/beach is accessible to swimmers, we recommend snorkeling in our  basin, where 100ft of coral is home to the subtle ocean life.

Infinity Pool

Our with a sloping beach entry is designed to provide the ultimate in bathing experience with an infinity edge and heated spa jets.

Paddle Boards / Kayaks

Catch the Sunset just a little bit closer with our complimentary paddle boards and Kayak usage. Close by our lined mangrove nature trails that are an absolute must see while staying with us here at Largo Resort.

Imported Tiki Hut

Our Tiki Hut has been hand built and delivered from around the World. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner from this intricately designed tiki hut from Bali.